Create Content: 3 Video Ideas

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Matt Hanan
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There are three main types of videos that you can create to engage with your audience as a creator.


Unboxing Videos:

Unboxing videos depict the creator opening or unpacking a product for the first time. These videos allow your customers to experience a product through your eyes, and are commonly sought after by customers as part of their purchase journey. In your unboxing videos it is critical that you convey every sense and experience that you encounter as you open the product packaging.


Tips for Creating an Unboxing Video

Unboxing videos should have a homemade feel. They aren’t meant to be sleek, professional productions.

1. Practice speaking slowly and clearly.

2. Ensure a clean environment that allows both you and the product to take center stage.

3. The products you choose to unbox should be recent and relevant to your audience.

4. Don’t spend too much time narrating before opening the product, remember what your audience wants to see in an unboxing video... the unboxing!

5. Demonstrate the product in action. Try it on, turn it on, use it.


Product Review Videos:

Product review videos are short descriptions of the product, and the creator's opinion of it. When creating a product review video as a creator, it is important to always depict the product as the star of your video and show it in the most positive light. Your video may focus on the utility of the product, or how the product enhances a certain look or lifestyle.

Tips for Creating a Product Review Video

1. Describe the product, and your opinion of it fully, but don't go overboard. Keep it succinct.

2. Make sure that the product is the focus of the video, not the reviewer.

3. Memorize what you want to say, and say it from the heart. Don't read off of a script.

4. Focus on the main uses/benefits of the product, don't try to list out everything it can possibly do.


How-To Videos:

How-to videos are instructional, or step by step recordings of the product in action. These videos are meant to both educate the customer on the usage of a product, and also to demonstrate that it is something that they can use/do/operate themselves.


Tips for Creating a How-To Video

1. Speak slowly and clearly, ensuring that you separate giving instruction verbally and demonstrating physically.

2. Use simple, non technical language to describe your actions.

3. Remember to not only describe the step by step, but also demonstrate the ease of performing the step.

4. Build your customer's confidence, assure them that they can do this.

5. Call out any common bugaboos or gotchas that may come up as you're going through each step.